In 1993, Haskell Logan started Advanced Machining and Fabricating. Haskell’s son, Ray Logan and Haskell’s grandson, Dan Logan came shortly after that. They equipped their shop with hand picked machines and an aspiration to become a quality driven metal fabrication shop. Advanced Machining and Fabricating continued to grow over the years by purchasing CNC equipment to stay competitive and to grow in other markets. In 2007, Advanced Machining and Fabricating expanded their business by adding a 5,000 square-foot facility onto their 3-acre campus. At the end of 2019, Advanced Machining and Fabricating merged with ArcForm Fabrication and became what is now Advanced Metalworks. Early of 2020, Advanced Metalworks purchased a 368 Amada King thick Turrett Punch to expand the fabrication side of the business. Today, Advanced Metalworks continues to invest in buying machines with the latest technology available, to better serve their customers.